Steam Indie Sale

Steam has a great collection of 10 Indie Games that can be snapped up for slightly more than half the cost of a new release. There are a couple of stinkers in there to my thinking and I know I am in the minority of opinions for at least one of them, but the great gaming that you get for the money they are asking makes it worth while. I owned four of the games in the package already and it was still worth it. Which brings me to a sticky point on Steam for me.

You should be able to gift games you already own when you buy packages such as these. The technology for them to do that is already there as can be attested to by the Orange Box. If you bought Half-Life 2 and then bought the orange box, you could gift your original copy to someone. It's not like Steam didn't get the money for the game, and if anything it would get more people into the idea of purchasing through them - You are not about to gift games to someone who would buy them anyway.

Also, again at FutureShop, a few great games landed in the "Last Chance" bin as I like to call it. The area of the store where games go to die a retail death in cramped jewel cased coffins or worse, simply cardboard. Here lay the grandma grabbers of casual persuasion that land in Christmas stockings, last minute purchases for Dad to justify why he was there and occasionally some good stuff.

A few other Indie Titles of note that are not on sale but are incredibly inexpensive:
Been an expensive software month for me but if I'm going to spend it, I'd rather be supporting the little guys that are the true innovators of the industry.
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