Continuum is a free adventure puzzle game done in the third person. Fans of a older and almost unknown gem called Cursed Mountain may recognize some similarities, but that's ok by me. The game consists of solving environment puzzles to continue on your quest to find a lost expedition member. Some supernatural elements exist in the form of deja-vu moments where you see what previously happened. This is not a new design element, but it adds some needed depth to the game.

A word of warning, the game can be glitchy and hitchy and you will find yourself stuck if you try to break the game. There is also no way to save your progress, so be careful where you step. I will share one helpful hint here, many puzzles require you to press the mouse button repeatedly, not just once. I was stuck in the first chamber watching what appeared to be an onscreen indicator to press and move my mouse to get a lever to work. Nope, just mash until it clicks. That said, you should have no problem continuing afterwards.

I would have really liked to see this game polished and expanded, it has some excellent design elements and graphics that could make a fantastic game. Maybe some press and attention is all it needs.

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