The Freebie Bundle

Another site has popped up that bundles free games to showcase new talent. The Freebie Bundle is now up to bundle 5 and has brought to light some very interesting games I'd never heard of before. Out of the current crop of four games, three are from my favourite game school DigiPen. These guys produce some fantastic content that is generally fresh and exciting to the discerning pallet but their site is painful to parse looking for new projects to check out. This site will help alleviate that for many as their choices in selection is excellent.

My only gripe is that they ask for donations to help pay for the site, I understand that bandwidth costs money but they use MediaFire for downloads which costs them zero bucks. The only funding required here is for the sparse webpage content that could be easily hosted on a free site. At the very least they could split the donations with a game-related charity, but I'm willing to give them a pass in favour of the limelight they are putting on some talented developers.

Here is a video from my favourite game in the current bundle.

The site also accepts submissions for game bundles but so far they are perfectly proficient in their choices and I anxiously await their future submissions.
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