DOSBox to get 3DFX Emulation

The first graphics accelerator I ever bought was a Monster3D Voodoo-based addon card for my ATI All-In-Wonder. Despite there being very little out for it at the time, Tomb Raider's slightly less blocky accoutrements was worth every penny - when you could pin her into the corner that is. But enough about stamp collecting...

DOSBox will be receiving VooDoo 1 and hence Glide support so you can finally play those classics that have been long-lost due to lack of support. Granted, there are not too many DOS-based glide games to be played, and compatibility is not yet perfect. Screamer 2 and Extreme Assault have been sitting on my shelf forever silently scoffing at my expensive SLI rig's inability to run a 13 year old game, but no more damn you! The new version is not officially finished yet, but expect it to be baked in on next release.
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