• Casus Belli: Crysis Wars Mod of Epicness

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  • Dead Cyborg: New Old School Adventure

    When making new things old, choose the good stuff.

  • Manhunt 2: The Return

    Uncut, Uncensored, Unattainable on the PC?

  • Deus Ex: A Return to a Classic

    Replaying your favorites can be a beautiful thing... Sometimes...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Terrordome: A Love Letter to the Bad Guys of Horror

Posted by Arc Angel on 7:23 PM

This. Is. Awesome.

Seriously, I almost wet myself when I watched the video. How I have missed the creation of this fantastic piece of amazing is a mystery to me. Imagine, if you will, a fighting game with some of the most iconic horror baddies in history? Now imagine that it's free, final and can be downloaded today. Can I get a F**K Ya?

Now you may want to not watch this video as it shows almost all of the characters, half the fun is seeing them materialize in the game. You have been warned.

Story? Who needs a story when I can pit the Tall Man against Pinhead? Not me, that's for damn sure!

Blackthorne - Now Free!

Posted by Arc Angel on 7:02 PM

A classic from the past, built by the Warcraft smithy's known as Blizzard, Blackthorne creeps back up from the abyss to your awaiting hard drive. Back in the DOS days, platformers were pretty abundant with titles like Commander Keen and Jazz Jackrabbit heading the pack with their cartoony and mostly violence-free gaming that were a staple of the consoles. PC owners on the other hand were still slavering after a small shareware title called Doom that was most likely still on their Multi-Megabyte MFM hard drives after a year of being released.

A large distinction that separated the PC from the consoles was a bigbrother-free market. This allowed what would be called an AO rated game such as the Shareware version of Doom to be freely downloaded from any BBS and enjoyed without anyone's approval. Doom employed blood, gore, violence and satanic symbols with wild abandon and the PC market was in love with the sheer brutality of it all. Cute characters on the consoles only inflamed the scorn PC users felt towards being treated like a child watching Saturday morning cartoons and helped sowed the seeds of the PC vs Console debate that has raged ever since.

Blizzard surely noticed the attention that Doom had attained and while smart platformers such as Prince of Persia existed on PC, it lacked a certain bloodlust that had grabbed the PC market. Enter a marriage of the two: Blackthorne.

Now Blackthorne is not the wanton carnagefest that Doom happily propagates, but having a shotgun that visually inflicted bloody damage was new to platformers. Killing things such as your own people, who are chained to a wall, backhanded blind fire ala Evil-Dead style was taboo and a guilty pleasure for the time.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Game of Thrones 8-Bit

Posted by Arc Angel on 5:25 PM

Very old schooly, Game of Thrones 8-Bit is a throwback to the NES world. The game doesn't go through the entire story so far but instead plays through key moments of four of the characters from the books.

You can expect some hard gameplay here, as in you'll die trying to make the first jump, but if you are a fan of these types of games you will come expecting.

The website is in spanish, so those non-Latino can use this link instead.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Donkey Kong 2600

Posted by Arc Angel on 3:02 PM

Unnng! Yes that's what I thought as well. At the time, Donkey Kong on the 2600 was sure as hell better than spending quarter after quarter in the arcade but let's be honest - it sucked! Not casually, but on an almost Pac-Man level of suckage here. Two Levels of awful leaving you to hope maybe, just maybe, there'll be another level if I grind enough - Nope!

Now after 30 years is the game that could have been. Well not really as the cartridge would have been 32k and likely cost more than the console, but this is an impressive feat to say the least.

The Original 2600 Game

The Updated Version

Pretty impressive wizardry going on there, I think I would have wet myself if that's the game that came home with me back in the 80's. You can download the rom and play it to your hearts content using the fantastic Stella emulator.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Posted by Arc Angel on 2:54 PM

Continuum is a free adventure puzzle game done in the third person. Fans of a older and almost unknown gem called Cursed Mountain may recognize some similarities, but that's ok by me. The game consists of solving environment puzzles to continue on your quest to find a lost expedition member. Some supernatural elements exist in the form of deja-vu moments where you see what previously happened. This is not a new design element, but it adds some needed depth to the game.

A word of warning, the game can be glitchy and hitchy and you will find yourself stuck if you try to break the game. There is also no way to save your progress, so be careful where you step. I will share one helpful hint here, many puzzles require you to press the mouse button repeatedly, not just once. I was stuck in the first chamber watching what appeared to be an onscreen indicator to press and move my mouse to get a lever to work. Nope, just mash until it clicks. That said, you should have no problem continuing afterwards.

I would have really liked to see this game polished and expanded, it has some excellent design elements and graphics that could make a fantastic game. Maybe some press and attention is all it needs.

The Freebie Bundle

Posted by Arc Angel on 1:40 PM

Another site has popped up that bundles free games to showcase new talent. The Freebie Bundle is now up to bundle 5 and has brought to light some very interesting games I'd never heard of before. Out of the current crop of four games, three are from my favourite game school DigiPen. These guys produce some fantastic content that is generally fresh and exciting to the discerning pallet but their site is painful to parse looking for new projects to check out. This site will help alleviate that for many as their choices in selection is excellent.

My only gripe is that they ask for donations to help pay for the site, I understand that bandwidth costs money but they use MediaFire for downloads which costs them zero bucks. The only funding required here is for the sparse webpage content that could be easily hosted on a free site. At the very least they could split the donations with a game-related charity, but I'm willing to give them a pass in favour of the limelight they are putting on some talented developers.

Here is a video from my favourite game in the current bundle.

The site also accepts submissions for game bundles but so far they are perfectly proficient in their choices and I anxiously await their future submissions.

Monday, July 8, 2013

They STILL call me Bruce!

Posted by Arc Angel on 9:50 PM

Bruce Lee, BRUCE LEE! Say it with reverence, whether it's the man or the kick-ass game for the Commodore 64. Bruce is the bad ass that even beat Chuck Norris! The original game for the C64 had everything: action, platforming, adventure, ninja's, green sumo wrestlers, even exploding bushes. Every level was different, bizarre and above all - punishing! No continues, no idea how far the rabbit hole went down, just you, your joystick and endless hours plugging away. Don't waste time hunting it down, a pixel-by-pixel remake has already been released.

Now, after a painfully long wait, we get a sequel that is truly worthy of the original. Bruce Lee II is free and available for download in a true testament to the originals spirit and design. In other words, expect to die a lot! Featuring CPC or C64 color and sounds for your nostalgic pleasure, Bruce Lee II serves up some whoop ass with a key ingredient that was missing from the original; I'm talking about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of course. The team behind this game understood the original very well and their attention to detail (pitch-perfect loading screen anyone?) makes it a trip worth taking.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tecno - the Base

Posted by Arc Angel on 3:23 PM

No, this is not some new Dubstep album I have lost my hearing to. It is instead a game from a small developer that I had purchased back in 2008. The game itself was very reminiscent of another small game I love you may have heard of called System Shock. It has an old school charm with some of the classic tropes you had come to expect from that time period. I wanted it, but to get it I would have purchase it through the website. This was something I just didn't do. Not because I didn't want to spend the money, but because it seemed like a one-shot purchase that would disappear if I lost the download.

I succumbed to it's charms and Tecno - the Base became my first online purchase, ever. Many followed afterword, but Tecno took my virginity and I have never regretted the relationship it started. It has a special place in my heart and after some reminiscing, I decided to take a peek at the website to see how my old flame was doing. I had thought about the services that exist now in a more prominent state such as Desura, GamersGate and, of course, Steam Greenlight. How would Tecno fare on those services? Would it's creator get enough interest to see a second game? If nothing else, an email of encouragement may brighten a few days.

The website is still live and kicking, nothing new to report except one small thing: Tecno is now Donationware. You can, for free, download the game and play it in it's entirety. All that's asked is a Paypal donation if you liked it. As much as I would have rather seen a Greenlight campaign, I'm not sure the niche nostalgia target market would be enough to get a go ahead. This way at least, people get to experience the game and hopefully contribute a few bucks for their enjoyment.

(Sorry for the grainy trailer, it's the best, non-spoilery one I could find.)

You'll want to check out the support page and use it's guide for altering the INI configuration. This allows you to use any screen resolution, turn on mipmapping and enable 32 bit color so the banding is reduced.

Duke Nukem Forever - The Mod

Posted by Arc Angel on 1:41 PM

Many were nonplussed about Gearbox's final take on the industry's longest running joke known silently, but appropriately as Duke Nukem Whenever. I for one enjoyed it for what it was and can appreciate their attempt to preserve as much of the 12+ years of random development contained in the game. That doesn't mean that those with a dislike for what was can't make their own version of what should have been and give us what they believe is the game we were meant to play.

Modders Gambini & Mikko Sandt have released their take on Duke Nukem Forever in the form of a mod for the original Duke Nukem 3D. This will then require that you own the original to play the game, but anyone interested in a mod like this will definitely own the original, likely multiple times. What makes it special is that it attempts to incorporate scenes from the official videos released over Dukes extended development time. These touches are nice but likely completely missed by those not familiar with the original work. What is important is that the mod is (mostly) well designed and ultimately fun to play.

Expect lots of wanton carnage and unforgiving gameplay, but as a Duke fan, you want that.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Free Bundle

Posted by Arc Angel on 5:39 PM

The Indie Bundle? Bah! The Free Bundle! Now you're talking! The Free Bundle website is dedicated to bringing you some of the best free indie titles that you may not be aware of. No flash games here (well, no browser-dependant games anyway), only downloadable and enjoyable-at-you-leisure freebies! Some of the titles have been mentioned on this blog before, but author's keep working on thier projects and stuff just keeps getting better. For instance, the fantastic Abobo's Big Adventure is now browser independant, I can stop trying to explain how to download and launch SWF files now... Yes!

The folks who run the website do not accept donations, if you want to contribute, then do so directly to the authors - how great is that? They plan on releasing more bundles, that is to say more links to free games, in the future and welcome your suggestions on what should be added next bundle.

Spread the word, free and fantastic games are a click away.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Street Fighter X Mega Man Out and Free

Posted by Arc Angel on 5:32 PM

Capcom has released a worthy Mega Man game, for free. Capcom, Free, WTF? Yea, that's what I said too but it seems it's actually a fan game created by Seow Zong Hui and published by Capcom for Mega Man's 25th Anniversary. Well, screw 'em, free's free and I'll take it. New powers await you and, spoiler alert, you fight characters from Street Fighter. The site is being bombarded by the fans and the cheap so you may want to try the direct links instead.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Daily Freeware

Posted by Arc Angel on 4:46 PM

Been a while, but here are some goodies I've been using recently:

  • Flutter is an app that allows you to use hand gestures to playback movies and music. Needs to be expanded but it can be handy.
  • Coolbarz allows you to have up to four hotbars, one at each side of your monitor. Can be set to desktop only so it won't interfere with gaming.
  • WinMetro is your chance to see what the Windows 8 experience will be like without installing the operating system. Not a complete makeover, but enough to get the idea across.
  • Immersive Explorer is a Metro-inspired file explorer to go along with your WinMetro experience.
  • Free Editor will allow you to edit a dizzying array of file formats such as Word, Excel, epub, graphics, coding and even direct EXE modification and hex editing without having to install anything else.
  • PotPlayer is the new KMPlayer hotness now that the original is nothing more than a crapware installer.
  • Volume 2 is a visual volume control with intuitive mouse interactions and hotkeys. Includes the ability to also control a second sound source such as a mic or USB Headset.
  • Sound eXchange (SOX) is a command-line sound file converter and processor. Perfect for batch-file conversion of music-file types.
  • TYPO3 is a free all-in-one suite for hosting your own web server. Multiple packages including an enterprise-level option. Open source.
  • Booktype is a web-based, online, collaborative book-writing platform you can host yourself - No third-party accounts necessary.