Xbox 360 'Games on Demand'

Seems Microsoft will extend the downloadability of it's Xbox Live service to include 360 titles as well. Older titles are what will be available for now but in the future they could decide to release new games this way. Software companies feel that they aren't getting enough cash with how slowly they have to advance their prices, so how about some quick money by making sure you can't resell your games either. They handily side step the First-sale Doctrine by forcing you to download a DRMed-to-your-Console-Version instead of buying a disc you can trade in.

With the next console iteration you will not be buying anything, instead you will be billed a yearly usage fee and charged the $60 (or whatever the going rate for games will be) for a licence to play the game in question. This would pave the way to possible further micropayments such as separately charging you for bandwidth, storage fees, matchmaking capabilities, voice etc (see any Smart Phone Carrier), making the yearly fee just an access/because-we-can tax.

Perhaps that's a bit overzealous but don't kid yourself, the industry is sporking it's eyes out to get to that no piracy/no resale state where they can start charging whatever they want. Get ready for the $100 triple 'A' titles coming your way soon.
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