PC Borderlands Looks Better?

An interview with Randy Pitchford on Rock, Paper, Shotgun about Borderlands goes through the motions while managing to stay lite on the brojobbing. Aside from the usual blah, blah, blah about the new "Art Direction" that we can let die already, he answers a completely staged question on what version of they game we should buy. While still couching his answer (literally), he states plainly that the PC version will look better - Well Duh-Uh! Any game looks better at 2560x1600, even 1920x1080 (a.k.a 1080p) looks great but few console games natively support it. My concern is will the textures, view distance, and shader effects take advantage of the muscle the PC provides or will it just be ported from the lower quality 360 version? People forget just how low the specs on a 360 are:
  • 512mb GDDR3 (700MHz) Shared with the GPU
  • 3.2 GHz PowerPC with 3 dual-threaded Processor Cores
  • 500 MHz ATI custom Graphics Card

Though the raw CPU power initially looks impressive it's generations behind what is available for the PC today. Most importantly though, the Ram limitations drag things down such as texture and level size, no amount of streaming or caching optimizations can transform that into the 2GB that even the cheapest desktops come with today. PC ports do not get these boundaries expanded to take advantage of additional Ram, VRam or Processors/Power. Games like Bionic Commando and CoD4 have some painfully short levels due to this even on a PC with 6GB of Ram and 1GB of VRam.

You want to be impressive, make a proper PC version and stand it next to that stunted 360 wannabe, then we'll see what the M$ fanboys have to say.
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