Tecno - the Base

No, this is not some new Dubstep album I have lost my hearing to. It is instead a game from a small developer that I had purchased back in 2008. The game itself was very reminiscent of another small game I love you may have heard of called System Shock. It has an old school charm with some of the classic tropes you had come to expect from that time period. I wanted it, but to get it I would have purchase it through the website. This was something I just didn't do. Not because I didn't want to spend the money, but because it seemed like a one-shot purchase that would disappear if I lost the download.

I succumbed to it's charms and Tecno - the Base became my first online purchase, ever. Many followed afterword, but Tecno took my virginity and I have never regretted the relationship it started. It has a special place in my heart and after some reminiscing, I decided to take a peek at the website to see how my old flame was doing. I had thought about the services that exist now in a more prominent state such as Desura, GamersGate and, of course, Steam Greenlight. How would Tecno fare on those services? Would it's creator get enough interest to see a second game? If nothing else, an email of encouragement may brighten a few days.

The website is still live and kicking, nothing new to report except one small thing: Tecno is now Donationware. You can, for free, download the game and play it in it's entirety. All that's asked is a Paypal donation if you liked it. As much as I would have rather seen a Greenlight campaign, I'm not sure the niche nostalgia target market would be enough to get a go ahead. This way at least, people get to experience the game and hopefully contribute a few bucks for their enjoyment.

(Sorry for the grainy trailer, it's the best, non-spoilery one I could find.)

You'll want to check out the support page and use it's guide for altering the INI configuration. This allows you to use any screen resolution, turn on mipmapping and enable 32 bit color so the banding is reduced.
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