Duke Nukem Forever - The Mod

Many were nonplussed about Gearbox's final take on the industry's longest running joke known silently, but appropriately as Duke Nukem Whenever. I for one enjoyed it for what it was and can appreciate their attempt to preserve as much of the 12+ years of random development contained in the game. That doesn't mean that those with a dislike for what was can't make their own version of what should have been and give us what they believe is the game we were meant to play.

Modders Gambini & Mikko Sandt have released their take on Duke Nukem Forever in the form of a mod for the original Duke Nukem 3D. This will then require that you own the original to play the game, but anyone interested in a mod like this will definitely own the original, likely multiple times. What makes it special is that it attempts to incorporate scenes from the official videos released over Dukes extended development time. These touches are nice but likely completely missed by those not familiar with the original work. What is important is that the mod is (mostly) well designed and ultimately fun to play.

Expect lots of wanton carnage and unforgiving gameplay, but as a Duke fan, you want that.
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