The Free Bundle

The Indie Bundle? Bah! The Free Bundle! Now you're talking! The Free Bundle website is dedicated to bringing you some of the best free indie titles that you may not be aware of. No flash games here (well, no browser-dependant games anyway), only downloadable and enjoyable-at-you-leisure freebies! Some of the titles have been mentioned on this blog before, but author's keep working on thier projects and stuff just keeps getting better. For instance, the fantastic Abobo's Big Adventure is now browser independant, I can stop trying to explain how to download and launch SWF files now... Yes!

The folks who run the website do not accept donations, if you want to contribute, then do so directly to the authors - how great is that? They plan on releasing more bundles, that is to say more links to free games, in the future and welcome your suggestions on what should be added next bundle.

Spread the word, free and fantastic games are a click away.
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