Space Quest: Incinerations

And the retro hits just keep on coming... Another Space Quest game is free and available right now: Space Quest: Incinerations by Box of Mystery looks to be the most ambitious of the three latest offerings. Apparently originally in development and aborted as an unofficial Space Quest 7, Box of Mystery went the safe route and created a wholly separate game to avoid those pesky lawsuit ninjas. To read more about the development, check out their FAQ or this wall of text press release over here, if you are into that sort of thing. Here is the full version of their stunningly fabulous Impress-O-Blurb™:

“Incinerations” is a non-commercial 2D adventure game from the mind of Chris Ushko, developed in Chris Jones’ AGS Engine and rendered with 3D software. In it, you must help Roger and his friends take on a legion of villains in his quest to rescue the woman he loves, stop the universe from going up in flames, and heroically recover his missing luggage!

  • Over 45 minutes of fully-animated cinematics!
  • Nearly 100 CG-rendered backgrounds!
  • More than an hour’s worth of original music!
  • Dozens of original new characters!
  • Tons of classic adventure puzzle solving!
  • Lots of comedy and drama set against an intergalactic thrill ride of a story!
  • Unlockable Achievements and Trophies!
  • Alternate endings!
Bam! Pretty impressive for a fan-made adventure game you've never heard of but the one thing they are lacking is voice acting (Wilhelm scream here). This will be coming in the future and could be a blessing based on what usually passes for VO work in fan games. Either way, I'm downloading and playing this sucker pronto...

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