Abobo's Big Adventure - Epic Nintendo Tribute

I don't normally post on Flash games as they are full of ads and you can't (generally) download them for offline play - wonder if those two points are related? Abobo's Big Adventure is a huge exception and something that every self-respecting Nintendo 8-bit gamer needs to play. You will be generously rewarded with a fantastic trip, filled with comedy and nostalgia that should bring a tear of joy to your jaded little hearts.

Built by three people over the course of ten years, ABA deserves your attention. Self-described as The Ultimate Tribute to the NES, I'd be hard pressed to find a game more elaborate and well executed - Even the fantastic Super Mario Crossover loses it's lustre after playing ABA. For Comic Con, the team whipped together a fake arcade cabinet that was a huge success, it's a shame that the game is not available as a NES rom - that would truly have been amazing.

It may seem that I am gushing heavily on this but it's just that good. Having lived through that era and played everything on display within the game, I just couldn't put it down - or stop laughing for that matter. The website allows you to donate funds to the devs and for your hard-earned cash, you get a downloadable version of Aboboy's Little Adventure, a game that will only be available through the site, via donation.
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