Dead Meets Lead - Now Freeware

This little overlooked title from the folks at Keldyn Interactive was originally available on GamersGate and can be added to your account for free as we speak. You can also go to the Dead Meets Lead website and use the free code for activation on their download page. It seems the company is no longer supporting the title and as a goodbye present is giving it away freely.

Here's the blurb:
Dead Meets Lead is every bit and piece of what a challenging zombie-slaying action game should be. Enter the role of the 18th century commander who’s on a mission to obliterate evil, by fighting your way through the island of El Mirando. A mystic plague has consumed the inhabitants of this island and you'll have to liberate their souls by sword, and travel deep into the island to find and stop the dark minds behind the cursed disease. You’ll have to act, think and move fast if you want to survive the horrors of these wicked parts of the world. And do not hope for any rescue or help, it’s all up to you and you alone! 
The story is hokey but the gameplay looks frenetic, seeming like a twinstick shooter crossed with an action RPG. I had spotted the game on GG but with so many new games to play at the moment, I felt it would get completely ignored. Now I can play it at my leisure.

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