Half-Life: The Dreamcast Version

I owned a Dreamcast, still own a Dreamcast - even functional and despite Half-Life never being released on the DC, I played it sir. Full disclosure here, yes I pirated it. Who wouldn't have when it was touted as an unreleased and unattainable version of Half-Life and Blue Shift for the Dreamcast console. At the time of release the DC was pretty much abandoned with only a handful of bad titles left on store shelves. This duo of titles would never see the light of day and I for one wanted this little piece of video game history in my collection.

Fast forward a (cough) year wait and you too can now experience what would have went down on that ill-fated console. Half-Life: Dreamcast is now a mod for the Steam version of Half-Life, painstakingly ported (and how pray tell did you do that without a copy?) by a trio of the Sega faithful. There are not huge differences between the DC and the vanilla versions, but you can now check it out without subjecting yourself to that god-awful DC gamepad.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this will get pulled before long, so grab it while you can.
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