Renegade X: Black Dawn Released

Renegade X has been in development for five years now (seems longer). Originally built as a an Unreal mod, it has since become a stand-alone project. Renegade X is meant to be the first person shooter Command & Conquer game that Renegade should have been with RTS elements and better multiplayer. Black Dawn is in fact only a 1-2 hour single player campaign clocking in at 3.9GB. Pretty hefty for what is essentially a demo, five years in the making.

4GB for 2 hours seems pretty unfair to the bandwidth restricted but what is there is damned impressive right from the opening cinematic - again, minus the voice work. More gametime would have been largely appreciated and the lack thereof may lead people to believe the project has some serious problems (cough, Black Mesa, cough). I can only imagine that the multiplayer is garnering the lions share of dev time, but I certainly hope that there is more singleplayer in the pipe as well.

You will currently have a hell of a time loading their site or getting a download started but a sister site has since been set up for posting fresh mirrors in the meantime. You can also find other download options on sites I can't mention, hell I'm afraid to even use the 'T' word in case someone reports me to the mafia MPAA or one of the other real Governing bodies of this planet, but persevere and you will be rewarded with some wow hammer for your eye sockets.

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