Force Unleashed on PC = Good Game

Despite the plenty of bad to mediocre reviews of Force Unleashed, I'd have to call it the best of the non-rpg titles under the umbrella. Now on my second play through, I'm having an even better time with it knowing where to put my powerups and having mastered the combat system. It's also fun to go through a level as C-3P0, Darth Maul or one of the more bad-assed looking characters within the game lore.

All is not roses and champaign within the game though, the targeting system needs tweaking, the rendering needs fixing plus the 30fps bar removed, and the boss battles need balancing. Having an end fight with a Jedi was a toss up between reasonable and a brick wall where nothing you did passed through. All of this could be fixed within a patch as it is simple tweaking, but the chances of this happening are far from likely - I don't believe this game is selling well on the PC. Another niggling factor here is the save game setup. Yes, it's a console checkpoint system but the real problem is finishing the game. Once you do, you can't continue game and make another choice to see the alternate ending. You are forced to option select your way to the final mission and work your way through the entire setting again.

The story here is the star and would have been fantastic all Beowulf'd up in a CG movie. A few fictional choices made make for an exciting idea on paper, but within the lore it cheapens the established view. I won't elaborate more for fear of spoiling the story, but rest assured it is still well worth your time investment.

With Force Unleashed II announced, I'm hopeful I will be playing it on the PC again. I really resent putting coins in the coffers of the opposing side of the industry and thusly promoting the demise of my platform of choice.
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