Daily Freeware

Oodles of Goodies today...

  • 7Stacks - is the perfect launcher menu system for me, designed for me - I swear it. No background processes, fast start up times and slick looking to boot. A must try!
  • Dual Monitor Taskbar - does exactly what it sounds like with a multitude of features. Not as robust as DisplayFusion, but the best free alternative I've seen.
  • ISO Toolkit - offers a multitude of features in a single executable. Create, convert, extract, burn and mount ISO's without any third party software or installation - completely portable.
  • WinCDEmu - in a portable package of a single executable that will mount iso, cue, bin, img, nrg, mds and ccd images. Installation of a driver is required but can be removed immediately within the program.
  • BDlot DVD ISO Master - is a crapware-free DVD to ISO converter, burner and mounter that removes the various protection schemes available. Only direct copy, no shrinking available.
  • ImgBurn - the one and only, updated to with the usual cavalcade of updates.
  • Rufus - is a USB key formatter with bad block detection and ISO writer with bootable image support.
  • Aomei Partition Assistant - is a free, even for commercial use, complete partition manager for WinAll including Windows 8 and Server.
  • TinyWall - is a front-end for the built-in Windows firewall that enables and polices outgoing and incoming connections. Meant for a hassle-free experience without pop-ups or port/protocol knowledge.
  • Squiggle - MSN for your Lan with no installation or servers required. Group, broadcast and private chat with bridging capabilities, file transfer, voice and even spell check.
  • Tonic - is a simpler version of a Lan MSN messenger with a frills-free, simple text chat.
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