Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn Released

...and why are you still here reading this? Go now, get the 3GB download before EA engages the Eye of Sauron and kills it dead! Oh, you noticed the website has been hammered into a single text page have you? Have no fear, there are mirrors available for you to pillage and plunder:

Demonews, Gamershell, Atomicgamer, WCNews, Mindcrushers, EMUMovies, RapidShare1.5GB, and RapidShare400MB. Personally I'd go with the Torrent at the Gamershell link as it was nice and speedy.

Wing Commander is a franchise that had it's heyday quite some time ago. It was played, it was loved, it was raped with a horrible movie translation and has survived to be loved again in this fan-fuelled tribute to the originals. Publishers say these "hardcore" games have zero market share and are a complete waste of time monetarily so I guess the millions getting poured into Crappy Adventure Games and Boring Tactical RPG's must be an absolute anomaly to their marketing team. I'm just thankful that the "hardcore" fanbase is here and savvy enough to help stem the watered-down, flash-over-substance gaming that "lucrative" publishers shove down our throats and look forward to what roads they pave for our future.

Be sure to check out the forums for tech support, questions and the latest and greatest on this new adventure.
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