Old School Sequels

Saints be praised, a few classics got a well deserved (fan made) sequel. First up is a new campaign for the classic dos shooter Blood, a game which I love to quivering little pieces. Back in the day when this game first came out, a friend of mine called long distance across a 28.8 modem connection just so we could play together - yes, believe it or not kiddies, there once was a time without internet. It was a gaming polaroid moment for me and one that I will always cherish. Thirteen years later, in comes Death Wish with a 30 level sequel to the original. Yes there are many level packs in Blood's history but none that started in 2010, taking advantage of the many evolutionary nuances that the FPS genre have enjoyed. There is a story to this opus, really, complete with cutscenes and if there wasn't I would still play the crap out of it. Maybe I can con my friend into a a little IPX tunnel co-op after all this time, sans LD charges. You will need an actual copy of Blood to play this expansion as there is no updated engine to run it on, so head on over to GoG for some DRM-Free goodness.

Next up is a sequel to Rise of the Triad that requires only the Zdoom engine to play. No IWADS, no original content, just download and enjoy the crap out of. Return of the Triad, and you just know that's what it would have been called, contains no story - just like the original. What it does contain is a faithful recreation of the classic in graphics, sound and bloody gibs. Again, I have fond memories of playing this game all night and into half the next morning before giving up and passing out. Big, dumb, fun, download.

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