Freeware Gaming

Treasure Adventure Game is an open-world platformer that would get more praise with an upgrade to the graphics department. They are almost forgettable but the breadth of the game makes up for it with varied locations and gameplay.

Dangerous World is a Japanese platformer with a little more graphic panache and a more direct approach to gameplay. The menus are in Japanese as is the website but there are no dialogue trees to parse here, just blasting, jumping and slashing.

Hyper Princess Pitch is a SmashTV, fast-paced action game with a Christmas-themed, cutesy graphic overlay. The gameplay is still fantastic though so jump in for the fun.

Continuing in the Christmas theme we have Johnny Platform Saves Christmas, a commercial endeavor on the 360 that is yours free because you own a PC - Merry Christmas.

Danger! Energy is a commercial-quality puzzle game originally only available in Russian but now translated into English. The game is a little hard to get into at first but gets enjoyable as you progress.

Finally we have an oddity that the old-school can truly appreciate, a remake of Canabalt on the C64 called C64anabalt. It can be downloaded right now or purchased as an actual 16k Cartridge for those of you who are still rocking the classics - read: OLD. The SID chip music conversion of this game is truly amazing, watch a video and hear for yourself.
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