Soldner Secret Wars - Community Edition

Soldner, a game that has been around for some time now, has just been updated and is now completely free. A multiplayer FPS, it contains many of the staples we take for granted today. Vehicles, lots of maps and dedicated servers await along with exploits and hacks a-plenty unfortunately. There is no anti-cheat implemented of any kind so you might just as well just jump on the bandwagon. Dedicated servers allow for people to kick cheaters so you still can find a less unfair game if you look, but you'll probably just want to throw up your own server and play with friends.

The graphics are painfully dated but it's free and the actual gameplay is decent enough for a few rounds. The new change log is extensive and it's great to see it still being worked on. Despite many naysayers stating that the game isn't being played any more, the available server list would say otherwise. Hell I have games that are still at a $50 price tag that don't have this many players.

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