Freeware Gaming

Arcade retro goodness coming your way. First up we have Il Pugno Di Hokuto, an Italian side-scrolling beat-em-up in true arcade fashion. You will probably note the remarkable resemblance to Last Battle from the Sega Genesis. I for one liked that game so this is one I fancy. The violence is over the top and gratuitous, enjoy!

Defenders of Avalon is a bullet-hell shmup that is not so completely impossible to make it frustrating. Set in a medieval background, you play either Arthur or Merlin which is just a clever way to give you alternate shot types. No story, no reason for there to be one, fun to play.

Approaching Dawn, a purely platforming old schooler with some retro charm. The game essentially consists of timed rooms full of hazards but the only one you are competing with is yourself. It comes in a Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi version, but the differences are minimal.

Finally we have eXtermination is another Zombie-fest side-scroller, but an enjoyable one. Game play consists of platforming with mouse targeting and controls well. One problem on the site at the moment is the download link is broken, you can grab a slightly older version by changing the URL slightly like so (Now Fixed). I don't usually hard link, but until the download is fixed there is no other way to get it.

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