Streets of Rage Remake - Final

The ongoing, eight-year saga that is Streets of Rage Remake has finally come to a close. With version 5.0 as the last revision, you can finally enjoy the game in all it's glory without worry of an update or bug messing with your beat-em-up fix. I can only hope no further patching is required after all that time, but it's anybody's guess.

A little background, SORR is a completely non-reverse engineered remake of the classic Sega game that has been painfully playtested for exact duplicate performance. New cutscenes and eight possible endings are available over it's 93 stages with 5 included extra-mode stages and 5 prototype mod stages that can be downloaded separately. With all the love and care given to this remake, it deserves mention, download and kudos.
Update: Seems Sega has demanded the remake be pulled from the site, doesn't that just figure after eight years of programming.
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