1916 : Der Unbekannte Krieg

Spreken ze Deutsch? No? Well this first person horror game will still be plenty creepy and atmospheric. 1916: Der Unbekannte Krieg is a game that takes place in the trenches of the first world war and includes not zombies as the enemy, but Dinosaurs. A little hokey, but still better than zombies. The game can be played in a browser or downloaded for offline play on both Windows and Mac.

The object is to get to a ladder and out of the nightmare while avoiding said beasties in the process. It controls WASD-style with mouse look and requires a you find certain objects to overcome obstacles. There are also notes and diaries within the game but you will have to speak German in order to know what they are saying. This is a shame really as I'm sure they are very much part of the atmosphere. The game is more about avoidance and less about fighting so COD'rs need not apply, it is also very head-bobby so people with motion sickness will likely want to take a pass.
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