Why I Choose EVGA

In 2007 I went looking to upgrade my rig. I wanted to go with 2 Nvidia 8800GTX's because it was the fastest thing available at the moment and I like to extend upgrade points as long as possible. Due to architecture changes I had to upgrade everything not involving storage; a new motherboard, ram, cpu, case, power supply and an X-Fi for good measure. My initial reason for choosing EVGA was the lifetime warranty and because of that I chose the EVGA 680i SLI motherboard as well for the best compatibility. I never regretted that purchase, never had an issue with the board or the cards and they all still run fine today.

Since then I have always chose EVGA and the only issue I've ever had just happened after purchasing a GTX 470 SC (second one coming soon). The card itself works flawlessly, even faster than the two GTX 280 SC's it replaced in most cases, my problem was with the promotions that EVGA was advertising.

I knew from experience that after registering my card at EVGA within 30 days of purchase, a step that is necessary for the lifetime warranty, that some downloadable goodies would be available from EVGA since they no longer include them in the box. Imagine my surprise when I logged in to find a StarCraft 2 trial code and a Metro 2033 promotion that I would get after I uploaded a scan of my receipt (this last part being a new wrinkle in their policy). After some searching I found a scanner I could use and uploaded the required digital copy for the few days verification process. Days later I find the Metro 2033 promotion info removed and no email consisting of my free key.

I email tech support via their webpage and received a reply the same day from a gentleman by the name of Shane stating that the game codes ran out and the promotion was over. But it was there when I uploaded the receipt I reply, surely something can be done. Shane is kind enough to dig out a Mafia II code and asks if that would be an acceptable alternative? Sure would I say, if I didn't own it already, is there an alternative? Not only did Shane come back with a newly purchased Metro 2033 code for me, but they had purchased a bunch for the other buyers in the same predicament.

They didn't have to appease me, they could have just said promo's over, have fun with the StarCraft 2 trial but they didn't. Sure you could say it's just smart business on their part but I've had dealings with other companies over much larger issues. They wanted my business as well and made absolutely no effort to show it. This is the attention to customers I'd hoped for in 2007 and part of the reason I will choose EVGA in the future.
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