Freeware Gaming

Indie and bizarre for those with a penchant for the strange. Nudo is a puzzling platformer where you manipulate the environment in order to complete the levels.
WARP is another platformer using the Pac Man-style screen edge warp as a play mechanic to complete levels.
Charlotte is a Japanese platformer with stylized graphics and interesting game mechanics.
Camelon is another slice of Japanese bizarro culture where you guide a disembodied cat head with an umbrella.
The Balls can be described as Gish multiplayer with support for 100 simultaneous players.
Garden Gnome Carnage is a game where you control a building with a garden gnome attached to it via bungee cord in an attempt to repel attacking Christmas elves.
Snakes of Avalon is a surrealistic point and click adventure game about murder and alcohol.
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