Subscription Multiplayer

From the desk of RUFKM comes Michael Pachter's Pach-Attack and his take on subscription multiplayer as a reality coming. Hey Mike, how about a glass of STFU already? Gamers will have to accept that sub-based multiplayer is coming and just take it? No, sorry, we don't!

I love the comment "it's crazy" that MW2 players can just pick up the game and play for free. Well Mike, Activision is not providing jack for that service, the games are P2P and it's costing the players bandwidth for that. What's next? It's crazy that customers can just create a free forum account for support! It's crazy that patches should be provided for free! It's crazy that buying a game should entitle you to the privilege of playing it whenever you want! Hell, why stop there; It's crazy that people can send text/voice without paying per msg/talk time like cell phones! It's crazy that owning/registering a username doesn't have a monthly charge! It's crazy that any douchebag with a webcam can just spew a random stream of consciousness and people take it as gospel!

No Mike, gamers don't have to take it! We can just boycott the whole process or simply invent a way for gamers to play for free. Oh yes, possible and likely, thanks largely in part to the consummate greed that companies show and the anger that it will instill within many talented programmers and pirates. The mammoth money and attention that games and companies are getting is lulling them into the idea that they are invincible and can start charging anything they want for anything they want.

This wasn't the focus of the piece, it was in answer to piracy the used game market that is somehow completely bleeding every game company dry. Come on already, if games weren't so overpriced to begin with there wouldn't be piracy a used games market - next stupid question. The fact the people quote this guy is a problem, getting the idea out that getting raped for every facet of a product is perfectly legitimate and should be expected is preposterous.

It's crazy that authors aren't charged for their video bandwidth!
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