Riding The Windows 7 Extravaganza

More Windows 7 stuff for everyone, including those who play in the grey. Firstly, Lifehacker has Guide to Windows 7 with everything from which version to buy, to usage of the new W7 goodies, to tweaking and all the way to the advanced gravy including Media Center Hulu integration. This is your first stop on the "so what the hell does this do?" train.

Next up, we have some advanced uses for those with existing Windows environments: The Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool whose name is really all the introduction needed, followed by two more useful SuperSite for Windows guides. A Guide on how to Upgrade from a Higher-End Vista/XP Version to a Lower-End Windows 7 Version, and even better, how to Upgrade from 32-bit Windows Vista/XP to 64-bit Windows 7 for those who want to get with the times.

Finally for those wishing to buy a mid-range Windows 7 gaming rig, PCMag has a great buyers guide to building such a beast on a $1600 budget.
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