Epic Blames PC for it's own lack of Epic Games

Excerpts from an interview with Mike Capps by Edge Magazine has been making the rounds on the interwebs. In this interview, Mr Capps states simply that PC is a no-money maker and that is why Gears of War III will once again be a 360 exclusive. To further hammer home his point of view, he jabs at the current state of PC gaming as nothing more than FaceBook games that most don't pay for.

Well Mr. Capps, I don't FaceBook.

On my machine this minute is over 50 PC games, bought and paid for, and another 17 in shrink wrap waiting for their turn - all purchased within the last year. None of them have the word "Farm", "Casual", "PopCap" or "Hidden" in their title or genre. I paid an average of $30 a piece for these titles, so you do the math. I'm not buying them used, giving the developers $0 for my purchases, nor am I flashing my drive firmware so I can avoid giving money to anyone. Piracy on the 360 is so ridiculously simple, even a 12 year old #!%$ing some other person's grandma "out the window" can do it.

For the record, I own all of the Unreal/UT Games (except for 2003) as well as Gears of War, all on PC. As a matter of fact I purchased a used copy of the Gears Collector's Edition on 360 just for the extras DVD and the steel case, giving away the 360 copy to a friend. I would have purchased it for the PC, but alas it didn't exist.

These developers are releasing games for the PC because the PC is, has, and will continue to be a superior platform and not everyone gets the privilege of having Microsoft write them a blank check for exclusivity.
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