Steams "Perils of Poverty" Sale

Ok, that's not the title of the sale, but it means essentially the same thing to my bank account. Steams Perils of Summer sale is as big or bigger than their Boxing Week sale. Going on from June 24 to July 4, each day will bring a handful of one day only sales with an additional roster of games on sale for the entire time. Today there are 710 games on sale, seven hundred and freaking ten!

Just last week was the EA Games sale that kicked the crap out of my wallet and now I have this to deal with. I'm not the only one complaining either as can be attested to by this Steam forum topic. No, I don't need these games - I want them damnit! Who can pass up things like The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut for $6.79? Not me, that's for damn sure!

Dear Steam,
Please give me a chance to fill my bank account up before you rape it in the future.
-Love, a devoted fan.
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