Onlive Now Live (But for How Long?)

June 17 brings the public introduction to Onlive, the much talked-about streaming game platform that many feel can't possibly work. To celebrate their opening, Onlive is offering a Founding Members Program where you can wait in line for a free 1 year subscription. Now before you go running to fill out that form, you should understand what that includes. You get access to demos, video, friends, cross-platform multiplayer, spectating and brag clips - no games whatsoever.

The games will actually cost exactly the same as retail and entitles you to nothing more than the ability to play it on the service. You get no licence to the actual game, you do not own a copy of it and if you close your account, your game goes poof!

The net is rife with AYFKM's and I won't even begin to point out the obvious here but everyone agrees: you can expect a quick death of this service unless this policy changes.
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