Freeware Gaming

Freeware Games have been piling up here, so here is the first batch. Revenge of the Cats: Ethernet, despite the rediculous name is a Tribes deathmatch game with some great ideas. Runs on Windows and Linux.
Next up we have Goliath, a Mad Max tribute vehicle assault game with 16 players. Multiple vehicles are available and some building and defending is required as you attempt to destroy the titular Goliath.
Danger From the Deep is a WWII Sub Simulation currently at v0.4.0 and while not my kind of game, it's looking fantastic. Defiantly something to keep your eye on.
For those who like platformers, you'll probably jump at Open Sonic, a classic 2D sidescrolling Sonic the Hedgehog tribute with co-operative gameplay and support for user-made levels.
...or if you are more of a Mario fan, you can try Secret Maryo Chronicles which uses no Nintendo assets or levels, but is very much a Mario game.
...or even better, a multiplayer deathmatch alternative that's more familiar looking like Super Mario War.
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