Hitchhiker's Guide to the AGS Galaxy

For those of you old enough to remember text games, you know Hitchhiker's Guide from Infocom intimately. You remember that dreaded Babel Fish puzzle with either self-satisfaction or utter frustration that walkthroughs were years away from costing money and long distance to get to. Many never beat the game, but oh yes, they know it. While some of these quitters may have tried to go back and finish that hilarious stickler and remove it from their personal wall of shame, most find the text parser a little... retro even for a hardcore curmudgeon of gaming past - well no longer!

Hitchhiker's has been upgraded by five amazing years to glorious point-and-click. That's right, you can now use a twenty year old interface to play a twenty five year old game. This remake so needs voice, like cast from the radio show voice. At the very least, people with convincing English accents and deadpan delivery.

You can check out a small review on Gnome's Lair for more info.
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