Daily Freeware

A varied stock of new and updated free stuff...
  • ChromePlus - has been updated to and is my Chrome flavor of choice due to the addion of mouse gestures and the removal of personal tracking.
  • VLC Player - has been updated to 1.1.0 and now includes hardware acceleration for nVidia users, ATI support is on the way.
  • wxCommander - is a Total Commander clone with some variances for flavor and includes support for TC plugins as well.
  • Mini PIM - is a contact manager, appointment scheduler, password manager and label creator in one small portable package.
  • Visual Database Creator - allows you to create databases and spreadsheets with layout design for those with little experience in using them.
  • ReallySlick Screensavers - no spyware, no bs, just good, old-fashioned freebies that make the windows default savers look like crap.
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