MechWarrior 4 Finally Freed. To Those Who Can Find It.

Microsoft has finally given the green light to MekTek to release their dressed up version of MechWarrior 4 with updates like widescreen, texture enhancements and various game fixes to support new operating systems. You can download it here, or at least you could if the site wasn't hammered into the 403. I guess a 10 year old game can still turn a few heads these days.

If you want to get around the downed site in the meantime, you can go to their forums which are still operational. You can either try the method of installation described there which requires a connection with the down site, or you can try this method instead. More information can be found in the cached version of the site.
In case the forums go down as well, here are some links:
  • MTX Installer: Here or alternatively here.
  • The MTX Torrent: Here or alternatively here.
  • You may also need this Core fix.
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