His Dark Majesty - Atari, Old Skewl and Free

Sit around kiddies, I have a story for you. Once upon a time there was a company named Atari, unlike the company that exists today this one was more than a logo and street cred. Now Atari made consoles and these consoles had such immense memory and magnificent power that todays digital toasters can barely keep up. The success of these consoles lead to the amazingly vast 8-bit computers that were so advanced that they needed important acronyms like XL and XE after their title just to express the breadth of power that lay at your fingertips. What was even more amazing was that anybody could make stuff for it, there were no "quality assurance" and "brand advertising quotient" guardians with massive fruit logos on their quilted turtlenecks to bar the way. You could just sit and write anything you wanted and sell it to anyone without paying someone for the privilege. This amazing trend is still going on today and by golly, they're giving their stuff away now.

That's right little Billy, dreams do come true.

This little title was actually started in 2009 by Jakub Debski who wanted to build a game on the old Atari series but could get no takers on co-development. Going it on his own he started creating His Dark Majesty, a "Story-Driver, Turn-Based Strategy game that takes the core elements of Advance Wars and The Battle for Wesnoth". I respect a man driven by a vision so powerful that he'll fight the odds and do it anyway.

The download comes in two formats, first in a ready-to-go installer with an emulator prepackaged and also in disk image format. Here is some video:
Be sure to check out the development page for some more info on the making of the game.
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