Freeware Gaming

Even more goodies for you on the freeware buffet. First, we have an updated DosBox which is now at .74 and is working fine with the front ends such as D-Fend Reloaded with a simple copy and paste. The list of changes is copious and not terrible interesting to the non-programmer but most importantly, everything stills works the same way with no games broken of the 3378 tested.
Next we have a remake of Streemerz, an old nes game found on the popular multicart Action 52. Don't let that fool you though, the author has taken many liberties in adapting that game to make it far more interesting (read: hardcore) that then original.
Finally we have an update to a remake of Masters or Orion called simply FreeOrion. It's a 4x galactic conquest strategy game that I totally failed to ever get the hang of. Many, many loved the originals and hope relentlessly for MoO 3 while they DosBox their originals. This project is in the alpha stage but plays far better according to worshippers everywhere. You can get the latest 0.3.14 Windows build from SourceForge.
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