Freeware Gaming

Some new old stuff for your free gaming pleasure. First up we have an update to ToME or Tome of Middle Earth, a roguelike that has been updated to a new engine (T-Engine4) which is now an extensible LUA engine that anyone can build upon. ToME is based on Tolkien's world and has been around for ages, read: well developed and mature.
Next up we have a puzzler called PipeWalker which is a clone of the logic game NetWalk, available for various platforms including mobile. It was updated to v0.8.2 just this month to include sound.
Finally we have the best Mario variant ever made, with the greatest hero there ever was. That's right folks, it's Super Chuck Norris Bros! Ok, it's only a demo but funny as hell, here's what I mean:
If you want even more fun with "The Chuck", check out the Machinima series Chuck Norris in Oblivion on YouTube. There's too much fun to explain here but the villain is Sean Connery and there is a fight scene with the Littlest Hobo, if that doesn't sell it then nothing will.
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