Steelseries Merc Stealth - Am I the only one onboard?

Ok maybe I'm late to the table here, but having just purchased this little item I'm still in new toy mode. Coupled with my Logitech G9X, I've rediscovered what a good mouse and keyboard can do for your score and enjoyment. The Merc comes with a dedicated gaming section of "gaming terrain keys" (their term, not mine) that change on the fly depending on what game is running. The utility autoupdates with new profiles, but it seems to have stopped some time ago by what games are supported natively.

Luckily it allows you to program the keys yourself and export if you wish for others to download. This would be fantastic if it weren't for the fact that the community forums are dead and buried and there seems to be no fan-based alternative. Am I the only one who likes this little gem? Sure it has it's growing pains, muscle memory is not easy to reprogram, but it's worth it in my book. A quick play of Stalker Call of Pripyat using a strictly copy-and-pasted profile from Shadows of Chernobyl worked fantastic once I set the game to use the default keys. Everything was handily accessible, like a gamepad with more buttons.

Do I have to create my own section of profiles for this little marvel? Would anyone visit it?
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