Gaming Updates

In less than an hour, Modern Warfare 2 will bust open a free weekend of play for all Steam users. I'm hoping to run through the single player game in that time and maybe get some MP in before Monday. It should be good exercise for my new SteelSeries Merc and Logitech G9X that I just wasted money on.
Edit: It's multiplayer only. Damn yooooou!
Next up, Shattered Horizon has announced a free FirePower weapons pack that will add new weapons and grenades. Not much is stated on what this will entail, but it's free and fantastic to see FutureMark still adding value to their game.

Just Cause 2, as if it needed more stuff, has added free DLC in the form of a Chevalier Ice Breaker - a hot rod ice cream truck. Uhhh, really? At least it's not a 99 cent download ftw.

Red Faction Guerrilla had finally added a new patch to address the Windows 7 / Vista speed up issue that made the game difficult to play. The patch is automatic but you can read the full details here.
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