S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky Complete Mod v1.1.2 Released

Stalker Clear Sky Complete has been updated to 1.1.2. Here are the changes since 1.0:

Version 1.1.2
- improved stability
- reduced the millitary minigunner's vision distance
- detectors now have glowing lights (courtesy of Gosuke)
- restored Wolf's original appearance (courtesy ofGosuke)
- updated NPC skins

Version 1.1.1
- new updated graphics and improved performance optimization

Version 1.1
- fixed a crash when entering Dark Valley and other maps
- updated various sounds - fixed low volume NPC speech issues
- added a shader fix making camo nets and fences visible on ATi-based graphics cards
- added the BanditFactionTweak

I'm looking forward to the Call of Pripyat Complete Mod that is on the way, I guess I will have to halt my progress until then.
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