Resident Evil 5 PC Tech Talk

PC Games Hardware has a short but pointedly technical and interesting Q&A with Masachika Kawata of CapCom on the PC version of Resident Evil 5. It seems that the PC version will be properly multi-threaded (8 core/8 thread max), SLI optimized as well as implementing the same effects that were available to the console users. Also available is the much touted and headache-inducing GeForce 3D Vision technology that I'm sure will sell dozens of copies for them.

It does however eschew "wacky technology" such as Deferred Shading, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, Shader Model 4.0 and hardware accelerated physics. I guess "wacky" implies "not available on consoles" but at the very least, it's a proper port.

A Benchmark is available that supports, but does not require the 3D Vision Tech, showing it in action. After watching, I can't say I'm terribly excited but the Co-Op play is reportedly fantastic and may make the purchase worthwhile.
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