Chrome Plus on Windows 7 x64

A new fork of Google's popular Chrome browser dubbed Chrome Plus has been released for public consumption. Among Chrome's regular features, Plus adds mouse gestures, IETab View, Super Drag-N-Drop and additional download context menu options. Being a huge fan of Maxthon, and specifically mouse gestures, I thought I'd give it a try.

Seems Chrome Plus doesn't like Windows 7 x64, or maybe just x64 as I don't have a Vista box to test it on. Either way, the browser itself wouldn't render any page other than through it's new IETab - Well that won't do at all.

In order to get this hack to work, you will need a copy of Chrome installed somewhere so you can overwrite the files with Chrome Plus. I suggest Portable Chrome for easy extraction but any version equal or newer to the version of Chrome Plus you download should work. Also the Zipped version of Chrome Plus would be easiest to use for obvious reasons.

AssHat Check: Backup your existing Chrome install as well as your Profile, you will be overwriting and may thusly bork your existing setup. If this was shocking or news to you, I suggest you stop reading now.

Simply copy the contents of the numbered folder within the Chrome Plus folder (currently into the Chrome folder of your existing Chrome install and then copy the Chrome.exe file from the root of the Plus folder there as well. Some anomalies are present that I can't solve at the moment such as spell checking not being enabled by default and the right click context menu not app appearing but it's functional until they fix the distribution.

I would suggest not using the built-in updater as it will almost certainly nerf the hack.
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