The Witcher Director's Cut Released

The folks at CD Projekt are intent on giving you the full experience of thier flagship product. The Witcher was released in November 2007 and they are still adding value and content. An Enhanced Edition was created and sold after the initial release, but the content was free for those who had purchased the original.

Again an updated version will be released (digital distribution only) called the Director's Cut and again the new content is available for free to existing owners. The patch restores the controversial and ultimately minimal nude video that had been removed from North American versions. Although a hack has been available since the original release, this makes it official.

Having seen both versions, the nudity is remarkably scant but playing the game the way the developers had intended is always a better experience.

Edit: It seems the Sciagnij link on the website is overloaded, you can also download the update and 1.5 patch from the Patches-Scrolls.
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