Daily Freeware

Been a while, but here are some goodies I've been using recently:

  • Flutter is an app that allows you to use hand gestures to playback movies and music. Needs to be expanded but it can be handy.
  • Coolbarz allows you to have up to four hotbars, one at each side of your monitor. Can be set to desktop only so it won't interfere with gaming.
  • WinMetro is your chance to see what the Windows 8 experience will be like without installing the operating system. Not a complete makeover, but enough to get the idea across.
  • Immersive Explorer is a Metro-inspired file explorer to go along with your WinMetro experience.
  • Free Editor will allow you to edit a dizzying array of file formats such as Word, Excel, epub, graphics, coding and even direct EXE modification and hex editing without having to install anything else.
  • PotPlayer is the new KMPlayer hotness now that the original is nothing more than a crapware installer.
  • Volume 2 is a visual volume control with intuitive mouse interactions and hotkeys. Includes the ability to also control a second sound source such as a mic or USB Headset.
  • Sound eXchange (SOX) is a command-line sound file converter and processor. Perfect for batch-file conversion of music-file types.
  • TYPO3 is a free all-in-one suite for hosting your own web server. Multiple packages including an enterprise-level option. Open source.
  • Booktype is a web-based, online, collaborative book-writing platform you can host yourself - No third-party accounts necessary.
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