Forget Me Not Annie

Even wanted to know how Portal might be if it were written by Lewis Carroll or maybe Team Silent? Forget Me Not Annie may just be that LSD-induced answer. Though not currently complete, this game shows promise with it's nursery-rhyme-come-nightmare story if not it's object manipulative gameplay. You play Annie who, one assumes, is in a mental institution along with her childhood friend, a teddy bear named Howard. You can see where the story is going pretty quickly with some disturbingly interesting dialogue from Howard but getting there looks to be an interesting ride.

The game uses the Unreal engine, but currently the graphics are a little sparsely modelled considering the limited room space required and the small amount of objects within each area. A few jump scares are included which completely failed to engage even a blink, but it's the story I'm interested in here. The game stops at a certain area to explain that what follows is very beta and may not work correctly, it doesn't but don't let that deter you from going on. I look forward to seeing this game completed.

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