Wreckage - Free Standalone Crysis Mod

Yes, standalone, as in no Crysis required, just download and play. Wreckage is a seriously fantastic piece of modware that Crytek gave their ok to distribute without requiring the original game. When the hell does that ever happen? All the PC masses give me a Booyah!

There is one caveat though, it's in German. There are subtitles and it is an action game but this may deter some from an otherwise fantastic experience. The download is around 2GB and comes from MODDB so it's legit and will be updated as required. You can also use Desura if that is your thing, but there is no indication on the webpage that it is the standalone version and is labelled as a Mod.

COD fanboys and action junkies alike need to check this game out, it comes across as a truly professional piece of work and is a blast to play.

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