Casus Belli - Crysis Wars Mod

This mod came to my attention through Desura and I had never heard of it before. Watching the trailers and looking at the screenshots made it look too good to be true: A battlefield-like mod that will work on even the demo of Crysis Wars, patched up to 1.5 with multiple, epic-sized maps, different map modes, vehicles and multiple character roles. Where's the catch?

Well, it's getting no play would be the biggest problem. Jumping on the game will net you maybe five servers and no one playing on them. When I have been lucky enough to find a populated server, it's been with people from Europe on early mornings and weekends. This mod needs more attention!

The maps are well thought out, different in style and design - futuristic to jungle to classic WWII to apocalyptic maps that you might see in a Stalker game. There is little of the race track mentality that CoD maps suffer from where there's no place to get your back to the wall for some serious stand-offs. Some of the most epic firefights I have been in all year come from this mod: Racing to the top of a huge building to provide sniper support for a flag capture across the street within a burned-out office with one other sniper, a medic and support crew had me grinning like a mad man. Then on the same map, I was routing out an enemy sniper who had dug himself in and was picking off the team before they could reach the front. The large map allowed me to circle around behind him and crawl (prone for the win) along the bushes beside a large building and finally spot his position - Satisfaction +100 Achievement Unlocked!

The fact that the Mod works with the trial is a little questionable but as Crysis Wars isn't really topping the charts in multiplayer or head space, it's not really hurting much as the servers are self-serve anyway. The whole system-killing Cryo engine requirement may be an issue, but the servers seem to force DX9 anyway and anything but onboard graphics should get a reasonable framerate while looking decent. I'm left with simply thinking that no one knows about it, hell I didn't until the Desura mod-crawl unearthed it for me.

There is nothing stopping you giving it a spin and if you have the rig to support the engine, it shines like BF3 in many respects. Just come early, and bring friends.

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