Blacklight: Retribution - Released and Free

Blacklight: Retribution has finally hit release after both a closed and open beta to tweak the gameplay and you can grab it today. After the fair-to-middling release of Blacklight: Tango Down, the crew at Future Studios decided to change up their income model by making their next game free to play. In my conspiratorial mind, free to play generally falls in two flavours; Free to Pay, where you download a demo and have to pay to get anything/anywhere cool and Pay to Win where you have to pony up cash (usually every match) in order to compete at all. Retribution gives you a happy medium where you can play for the points you need for the goodies in-game or pay cash to unlock them immediately, kind of like BF3's new Pay to Unlock Everything option.

Reviews are light on fun but heavy on free stating that Retribution does nothing new but it's hard to argue with free.
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