Freeware Gaming

A little late to the party, but here are a few Halloween games. First up is Trick or Treat, a gore-infused platformer including shotguns and chainsaws.

Next up is a remake of the Atari classic that was, ok ho-hum but this version of Haunted House is much better and won't require that you download a rom to play it with.

Completely off the Halloween theme now is Stealth Bastard, a platforming stealth-em-up with online high scores, a level creator and a repository for user submitted levels to be downloaded in game.

One of my favourite Arcade games that I completely sucked at was Flying Shark (a.k.a Sky Shark), thanks to Kyana Prime I can now enjoy an updated version of that classic called Friking Shark. Currently in beta but I had zero problems playing it.

Finally we have Invaders Corruption, a procedurally generated twinstick shooter whose format will be immediately familiar. Procedurally generated means that the enemies appearance and behaviours are seed-generated by a keyword that can be changed at any time.

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